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Building My Brand

So, it has taken some time but I think I have a direction I am ready to take my brand in.  A more clear image of what it is and what I want my audience to take away from my brand.  I have been going through “Soft Skills” by John Sonmez. (guy has great content) and found it as a good guide. 


is my audience getting my message?

What is my message?

An artistic and creative mindset can be with code.

What is My Niche?

Creative people looking to explore the field of code.

What is my Tagline?

“From Artist to Coder”

What is My elevator Speech?

I have been an artist all my life.  As a Character Animator audiences would watch my work on the screen and believe those cartoons were living, breathing things.  I realized the thing I enjoyed about being an animator and being an artist can still be accomplished in the field of code.  The field of code can lend itself to creative people and artist, it just might not seem like that right  away.  I will show I found that overlap.

What are my visuals?

Baby Blue, black, gray,  slightly more minimalist in approach yet more visually driven communication (logos, icons, video, gifs) vs being to text heavy.


For me it took a very long time to get a clear message.  As an animator and artist I knew the film industry well and knew how to clearly separate myself as a Character Animator over 3D generalist, lighter, render, etc.  And I knew a lot of the common mistakes people would make when applying for work.  But in the field of code it was a little more difficult for me.  My technical skills niche has to be different then my brand.

The Market is all about trust

My brand the way I see it, is what i’m going to be offering to people.   The market now is very much about trust and being very open about who you are and what makes you unique vs the competition.    It took me a while to realize that once again my background was useful to me in that very regard.

There are a lot of new programmers, there are plenty of creative people in the field.  But when I started my coding journey I was looking for someone who came from a creative background to talk more about there approach.  I looked for affirmation of the creativity involved in code.  In short, I was looking for somebody I could relate to.  I of course found some Vloggers that I could take info and relate to on some level.  Some where better then others.   I suspect that some will relate to my brand much more then others.  And those that relate more are the ones I was searching for.  So you may not know who that audience is yet, but on a planet this big.  They have to exist.



Just create the exact thing your looking for!

It is so funny that I didn’t think to just create the very thing I was looking for.

So, if your not sure of your “brand”, that message that you are trying to share with others, or how you are unique.  Realize that you are seeking out something specific.  To help aid you.  Not just on a particular issue but in a multitude.  The terms and keywords that you are searching to find, that is what you need to define.   Once it becomes more clear what abstract idea it is you are seeking out, you can form you work around that.

Oh, and don’t worry if you need to tweak it over time.  I have a feeling I will tweak it over time as well.

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