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Who am I to talk about code?

What is My unique situation?


My background in animation.

I come from a creative background.  I have been an artist since I was a kid and after leaving college I was a Animator.   Along the way I was very involved in video creation and editing.   I got to work on corporate show recording for Six Flags and small scale things like weddings.  My background  has always been around creativity and problem solving.   And I enjoy animation because you are bringing something that wasn’t alive to life.  I was able to work for myself for many years in video and animation. But along the way the industry and prospects for the future are not looking like the direction I wanted to head into.

The industry was leaning towards outsourcing, lower wage competitions, and less opportunity moving in the the future.  It was starting to become increasingly difficult to work and I anticipated the future wasn’t go to be as helpful.  The main limitation I have being debt, ironically.  So I decided to explore Code.

Why Get Into Code?

I was trying to think of additional means of income, ideally passive I could set up to offset lower wages moving into the future.  I used plenty of after effect and maya and started to notice that I was using plenty of 3rd party plugins to speed things up.  There were some features I noticed I would of preferred that I couldn’t find.  It was then I started to notice that I could possibly create some of these tools. Why not? Plus, I have the background to know what kind of things are needed and would be useful?

As I started my research I notice the prospects of the coding world were looking great.  The applications for it were various, and would be growing even more as new inventions and technology arise.  This research took me in different directions and I noticed that although, it wasn’t what I went to school for there was definitely plenty of opportunities to be creative and artistic.  Oh, and one more thing,  I actually was really enjoying it.  I thought to myself, Can I do this for a living?   Yeah I can.  That surprised no else more then myself.

Code and art are actually more connect then it would first appear



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