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What Should Be My First Language

So this is interesting. I originally recorded a video on this months ago!  And am just now actually address the issue via blog.  But with my new direction of telling it from and artist to a coder, it is actually nice to reflect on it better.

So the first thing that will become apparent is that programming is programming.  Regardless of the language you use.   Some a few extra “rules” but if you learn how to program it will be the concept are exactly the same across all of them.

You’re not limited in your creativity because of the language you use.   But there are definitely some that work FASTER than others for specific goals.

I suggest JavaScript being the first language. It’s been around a long time and it’s going to show you some results immediately.  When I first learned it I was actually using notepad and internet explore in the console.  Yuck.  But the concepts are the same as every other thing out there.  And As an Artist you first inclination is probably going to be to lean towards from end work anyways.

Some will say to learn python first.  I wouldn’t agree.  I would say that although you can do a lot of really cool stuff in python real fast and see results.  You won’t really understand the why as well and it will take you longer to learn your second language.   It’s like this.   If I learn JavaScript 1st I will learn python much faster.   If I learn python first.  I will take just a s long or longer to do JavaScript.

There you go.  That is you answer.   Everyone just wants the straight forward answer.   Rarely a why.  So there it is.  JS (JavaScript).

Now as my art teacher use to say go forth and make art!



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