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codeReview: CarCompare

So I believe on of the best ways to learn code is to have it solve a real world issue.   It may not seem like code can be used in every day life to solve issues if you are only thinking of large scale projects.   In reality you have small issues in you life.   And if you think creatively you will realize, you don’t need to create the next Facebook to solve a problem.  start at home.   Case in point,  My car was failing me and i knew it wa not going to be alive much longer.

We are strapped for cash and I need to know what i can reasonably expect the vehicle to cost me long term.   So i figure mileage was a good starting point.  (i am not a big car buff)  so i had a simple question.

“If I choose a car how much should it cost me to get to 200,000 miles?”

It was a simple question and at it’s root was really my concern with all the variables in price, distance driven, MPG and all that stuff.   It not an accurate answer of course.   But it gives me something reasonably tangible to compare and make an educated decision off of.   For example, if 2 cars i really like are vastly different in that cost, I am going to go with the cheaper.  Or if there is a car i really like and one i don’t prefer as much but the cost shows a strong contrast, well then I think i should really consider it much harder.  Math is math.

I knew it could be better and be more accurate over time.  the hardest part was deciding what information was Necessary, and what was more accurate.   So I originally figured it was also a good example project to scale and grow over time.  Well my car broke down.  Shortly after completion of the program.    I used it an made an educated choice and we couldn’t be happier.  Between a used hybrid and a used mini van, Surprisingly we ended up going with a mini van.   The cost for both cars to get to 200,000 miles  was so large and we considered other factors the program really made it clear what we needed and should go with.

I review that code here.  Not a tutorial but a walk through to understand what does what.

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